Our Story

Windy Ridge Vineyard & Winery

We are a family owned and operated Vineyard, Winery, & Distillery established in August 2012.  Our vineyard consists of 6 acres of different grape varieties.  We take pride in growing and processing our grapes from vine to wine and shine.  We offer free wine & spirits tasting with a peaceful relaxing environment.


Come and taste the experience for yourself!

Wine List

Dry Wines

1. Merlot

2. Pinot Noir


Semi-Dry Wines

3. Riesling

4. Windy Ridge White - made from Cayuga White grapes


Semi-Sweet Wines

5. Running Bear - a red wine with a fruity flavor with subtle hints of black cherry, elderberry, & black currant.

6. Windy Ridge Red - Bursting Flavor of Concord

7.  Moscato - With succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit flavors.


Sweet Wines

8.Desperado - White (Award Winning Wine)

9. Pass The Buck - Red

Fruit Wines

10.  Blue On Black - (Blackberry/Blueberry blend)

Sweet Blush/Rose Wines

11. Splish Splash - a unique blend of red and white grapes


Dessert Wines

12. Cayuga White - so sweet, like dessert!

13. Cabernet Franc Icewine - smooth red raspberry taste.