- 3 wheels are welded to conical bottom
- All welds are polished and treated (not porous) for sanitary food use.
- Tank wall is SWAGED before welding on ferrules. This provides a

  smooth curvature for strength and curved sanitary finish. [as opposed

  to a welding ferrule to a simple flat punched hole]
- Reinforcing Ring is welded to tank for upper valve. This greatly

  increases strength---allows mounting of thru-valve mixers.
- Superior quality Vent-211 on all tanks.
- 304 Stainless Steel. 2R (aka BA—bright annealed, aka mirror) finish

  on inside. Marble Finish on outside.
- TriClamp Butterfly valves included
- Sample tap on all tanks
- Complete with floating lid, inflatable gasket, air pump, Vent-211

Please contact Justin McLain @ 812-229-5666 if interested or you have questions.


Letina Variable Capacity Tanks 1000L/265 Gallons

Windy Ridge Vineyard & Winery